About this Website

da8.da.gov.ph is a website designed to promote DA’s advocacy on government transparency and accountability. This serves as a medium to improve connectivity and speed of delivery of services in terms of information and feedback mechanism. To provide users a better understanding about DA8’s laws and policies, banner programs and special programs, agricultural support services, and overall impact of its operations/activities to the country as a whole.  To provide relevant, reliable, complete and timely information needs of the public. To make its operations more effective, efficient and client responsive.

da8.da.gov.ph provides the necessary tools and information needed by a wide range of users used in planning, program design and other decision making purposes. Among these are as follows:

  • National Farmers’ Online-Registry System (NFRS)
  • Inventory System for Agriculture and Fisheries Investment (ISAFI)
  • Matuwid na DAAN (Department of Agriculture Accountability Network)
  • Agribiz Matching
  • Citizen’s Charter
  • Programs and services
  • News and other media resources
  • Agribusiness and investment information
  • Financial reports and other documentations
  • Information about Department of Agriculture RFU 8)
  • Other useful information

Main and special features of this website include:

    • National Farmers’ Online-Registry System (NFRS)

- A voluntary registry system developed by DA aimed to establish an electronic database on profile of farmers and farms. It is an information management system of farmers who invests in a farm, parcel of land whether title or untitled.

- Use to enhance planning, program design, delivery of public services and important accounts of agricultural support services.

- Among 3 pilot areas of this system (Quezon, Leyte and Bukidnon) spearheaded by the Planning Service, Leyte did the first successful implementation in the region and in the Philippines.

How to access this system

DA-RFU 8 had presented a Memorandum of Understanding stating the responsibilities of the Local Government Unit Municipal Agricultural Office (LGU MAO) and Department of Agriculture (DA) to protect the content of this system.

  1. DA-RFU 8 will give corresponding username and password to MAOs.
  2. Information are basically statistics per municipality  which include:
  • Profile of the farmers (name, name of spouse, children, address, information about his/her farm, etc.);
  • No. of farmers registered by municipality;
  • Leyte farmer registrant distribution by age;
  • Leyte farm distribution by type of farms etc.
  1. Access privilege:
  • For LGU
    • Provincial Agricultural Office (PAO) and Local Executives can read and print provincial data.
    • MAO can read and print all existing Farmer Record Concerned Municipal data; modify Farmer Record with the permission of DA-RFU and add new Farmer Record subject to DA-RFU validation.
    • DA RFU
      • Regional Executive Director/Regional Technical Director (RED/RTD) and other DA operating units can read and print all data.
      • Head UEGIS has all privileges to data.
      • Other offices within the region (Non-DA), upon request subject to the approval of the RED.
    • DA Central Office
      • Secretary, PMED and other DA operating units can read and print all data.
      • ITCAF has all privileges (except delete and update) to all data.
      • Other offices (Non-DA), upon request subject to the approval of the Secretary.


  • Inventory System for Agriculture and Fisheries Investment (ISAFI)

- It is an information management system that provides comprehensive inventory/data of agri and fishery investments in a particular province.

- The inventory activity entails complete enumeration of all available investments (both public and private.) Investments refer to irrigation facilities (with or without pumps), FMRs, Post-Harvest Facilities and other infrastructures, and other farm facilities and equipment.

- This will help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the delivery of support services to the farmers and fisherfolk.

- ISAFI was initially done and initially planned for or in Leyte only started last May 2011. Due to its successful implementation it was expanded to Biliran, Southern Leyte and to the whole of region 8 to be completed this year 2013.


How to access this system

The same access privilege would apply on the NFRS.

NFRS and ISAFI could be used for commodity investment plans (provincial and municipal) and identification of commodity investment gaps.

  •  Matuwid na DAAN (Department of Agriculture Accountability Network)
    • Shows the actual projects of the Department of Agriculture.
    • Promotes transparency and accountability.

How to access this system

  1. Select province.
  2. The user can immediately view all the projects implemented and undertaken by the Department of Agriculture in the province/region. A number of projects (such FMRs) are shown by province.
  3. The user can provide comments/reactions about the projects undertaken because the system has feedback features.
  • Agribiz Matching or Marketplace
    • A virtual market created by the DA-RFU 8 to help suppliers and buyers of agricultural products meet in one place.
    • A farmer-seller can post a product and farmer-buyer can purchase products.

How to access this system

  1. The user should register by filling-out the needed information (name, contact number, etc.), define himself if buyer or seller, and choose/state the commodity he/she is buying/selling.
  2. Once your name is submitted, your real name and address will be given, when your username is already given by the DA-RFU 8, you can now login.
  3. If you’re a buyer, list that will be given to you are the suppliers otherwise, vice versa.
  4. The sales transaction that will follow is now between the two (2) parties only the buyer and seller.
  5. DA-RFU 8 will coordinate with the MAOs, mayor and governor for the access privilege/rights.

Region 8 is the first region in the country to have the website with NFRS, ISAFI and Matuwid na DAAN.  Also, Agribiz or marketplace is first time in the region.

Users of the Website   

Aside from transparency, client responsive, more effective and efficient government operations, this website also aims to serve the needs of various agri-fishery stakeholders and other users, to wit:

  • Farmers, fishers, and livestock raisers
  • Private sector
  • Local Government Units (LGUs)
  • DA-RFU 8 and its attached agencies
  • DA central office
  • National and local agencies (non DA)
  • The Public

Who Manages this Site

This site is owned and managed by the Department of Agriculture Regional Field Unit 8, Kanhuraw Hill, Tacloban City and is being operationalized using URL link or a subdomain to its mother agency the Department of Agriculture, central office located at Diliman, Quezon City.

What We Do

As the government’s principal agency responsible for the promotion of agricultural and fisheries development and growth, we conduct agricultural research and studies to respond to the technological needs on agricultural development in the region; implements agricultural programs and projects responsive to the needs of our key stakeholders; promotes marketing system for regional products to national markets; supports organic agriculture and sufficiency of food staples (rootcrops); and conducts trainings and provides financial/technical assistance on/to our farmers, fisherfolks and livestock raisers.

What You Can Do

This site is for everyone.

  • Collaborate with others to improve regionwide information management system by providing more data inputs and/or register to update ISAFI, NFRS and Agribiz Matching.
  • Generate reports and other information useful for planning, program design etc.
  • Get involved on the programs & services implemented by providing comments/reactions.
  • Find and use information/forms that could help you.
  • Encourage others and/or join on the agricultural activities of our farmers/fishers to help augment our agricultural outputs/products in the region to attain sustainable economic growth.
  • Provide feedback to help us improve this website.
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