Tales of young artists that join FAO's On-The-Spot Poster Making Contest

Created on Monday, 23 September 2019 Published Date

Quinsebell B. Del Rosario, 11 years old from Baybay City; Leonardo M. Barrameda, also 11 years old of Lavezares, and Alexsandra M. Ortiz -10 years old of Laoang, Northern Samar were just three of the fifteen (15) pupils who joined as contestants of the ongoing Regional On-the-Spot-Poster-Making Contest jointly organized by the Department of Agriculture Region 8 and the Department of Education-Region 8. This is an annual event spearheaded by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations as the main sponsoring agency.

The contest has been one of the highlights of the World Food Day Celebration being observed every 15th day of October.

All 15 elementary schoolers, including the abovementioned pupils randomly named, came all the way from different points of Eastern Visayas.

Each contestant has different stories or anecdotes to tell as to their respective experiences in joining the activity.

For instance, Leonardo who hails from the far-flung town of Lavezares, couldn't believe that he is officially one of the contestants in said competition where his homegrown talent will be pitted and showcased against pupils from other municipalities - his age.

His coach Lito A. Oria happily shared that by just travelling for the first time to a city like Tacloban, the feelings of joy and excitement was already a "big thing" for him.

"In fact, last night when we slept in one of budget hotels here, the boy beamed with pride that he was able take a bath in what he considered a "classy" lodging house, said Oria. "The boy was incredibly ecstatic and keeps jumping and shouting for joy obviously overwhelmed by his experience to have stayed in a hotel with amenities he never enjoyed before," Leonardo's coach disclosed.

ForTeacher Marvin Alidro of Baybay City said in an interview, that so far, among his present crop of mentees, it's Quinsebell, that has the x-factor or the most advanced skills in the field of arts. Hence, Quinsebell bested Alidro's other wards who are mostly her juniors.

For Alexsandra of Laoang, Northern Samar, her coach Teacher Renante C. Fecunda revealed that Alex lives with her Aunt as both her parents for the meantime are living separately. Alex's mom is an OFW while her Daddy is currently residing in Bicol.

According to her coach, Alex is only a fifth grader but she already showed great potential as an artist. This has been proven by the fact that among her peers, she stood out to be the best.

These stories that unfold in today's On-the-Spot Poster Making Contest is just a tip of the iceberg so to speak. Due to limited space, we shall reserve other contestants' stories simultaneously with the final results of the contest. Meantime, we wish all our contestants' goodluck and may the best pupil-artist wins. Credits: Francis C. Rosaroso, RAFIS Chief

For this year's World Food Day Regional On-the-Spot Poster Making Contest, the winner is Quinsebell B. del Rosario of Baybay I Central School, Baybay City. On the second spot is Kimberley N. Bustamante of Ipil Central School, Tacloban City, while on the third is Elord Anthony Esperame of Caibaan Elementary School, Tacloban City.  (FRANCISCO C. ROSAROSO, RAFIS Chief)


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