Hilongos Mayor reveals the secret behind Most Outstanding FMR Project recognition

Created on Wednesday, 25 September 2019 Published Date

In the span of eight months of construction, three (3) barangays are now enjoying the 9.66-kilometer concreted Farm to Market Road in Brgy. Concepcion to Brgy. Hampangan, Hilongos, Leyte, after years of enduring the difficulty in transporting their farm products.

This was lauded as the first ever outstanding project all over the country of the Department of Agriculture under the Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP) for having a positive 40% variance, and was completed four months ahead of the schedule.

Hon. Albert Villahermosa, Local Chief Executive of Hilongos openly shared the factors that fast moved the project so farmers in the said barangays can benefit the farm to market road the soonest time possible.

 “It is a fruit of unity, hardwork, and commitment from the different stakeholders which included the local government unit staffs, the implementing agency which is the Department of Agriculture through PRDP, and World Bank. We, at the local government of Hilongos dedicated ourselves despite our daily responsibilities at work to make this happen. This is a collaborative effort and this makes this Concreting of Brgy. Concepcion-Bagumbayan-Hampangan FMR Project to what it is now,” he said.

Villahermosa emphasized the support that the LGU has provided. He revealed that every employee had their contribution from the planning stage up to the implementation.

“The performance of the team was a little of everything. If there is a need for overtime, they work overtime. If the weather condition is good, then it would be good to do double time. This project was an additional load for them, so we always have to motivate them to cooperate and be flexible with various instructions. Good thing that they were open and actively shared a part,” he shared.

According to him, there were resources that were not available onhand. There were times that they hired consultants for technical assistance. They went extra miles such as spending from their own pocket first to supply the needs for the construction to keep going.

Engr. Levi Mendros, Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator being the head of the planning and technical team said that even during the preparation stage they formulated strategies to make the activity go smoothly.

After processing all the documentary requirements, they have identified issues and concerns including the weather conditions that may affect the construction. More possibilities were taken into consideration, and they continued to plan how to combat challenges that may come along.

Mendros closely monitored the activities on site. He regularly checked and made sure that things were properly implemented, and concerns were addressed immediately.

“It was not an easy road after all. Of course, there were challenges. However, we addressed issues right then and there. We don’t let any problem pass a day without solving it,” he revealed.

Above all the measures they applied, Mayor Villahermosa claimed that everything was made possible because of their strong faith that the FMR project will be successful, with the intention that this will help a lot of farmers in their livelihood.

“We have long been wanting this road to be rehabilitated. We believed that this is one of the major concerns of our municipality, and concreting this road will mitigate societal problems in some of our barangays,” he said.

The concreting of Brgy. Concepcion-Bagumbayan-Hampangan will also benefit farmers coming from 21 more barangays of the said town. This will also address the security and health concerns of the communities wherein responses can now reach in a 40-minute travel time instead of an hour and half that they experienced before it was constructed.  (JENNINA JUNE LEIRA L. BROSAS, Information Writer, FRANCISCO C. ROSAROSO, RAFIS Chief)


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