DA Secretary Clears Agricultural Issues

Created on Tuesday, 05 February 2013 Published Date

If you had watched the DZRH Teleradyo in the morning of January 12, 2012, you would have known the latest updates concerning some pressing issues relative to the different agricultural programs.

In an interview with veteran Radio Anchor Joe Taruc, Secretary Alcala cleared out the issue on smuggled onions. He said that farmers who import white onions are given enough protection. A consultation meeting was organized and volume of products to be imported was set. He requested the private sector to help the government by strictly imposing actions against smugglers and illegal importation.   Moreover, Sec. Alcala was dismayed to hear about the sardines canning factories in Zamboanga which were closed due to low supply of fish. He mentioned that the shortage of fish supply was caused by irresponsible fishing activity. Fishermen should maximize the survival rate of fishes to produce adequate amount in the coming year.


Sec. Alcala was also asked about the desire of some private farmers to open a coffee farm in Davao del Norte. He is in favor with this as long as the people involved will coordinate with the department. The issue on fertilizer scam was also cleared by the secretary. He quipped that the department has supporting documents and is more focused with its proactive programs. He even shared the continued success of the rice seeds subsidy program that covers farmers and members of the Irrigation Association. They will be given two kilos of registered seeds in every hectare for free. They have to plant these seeds once it is given, for them to have their own certified seeds.

Furthermore, Sec. Alcala gave an update in relation to the support of the department to the rubber industry. According to him, funds were allocated for this industry and the target areas are in Mindanao and Palawan. The issue on vegetables that are bought for 3 pesos in Benguet but sold eight times higher in Manila and seeds that produce tasteless rice distributed in Cagayan was loosen up by Sec. Alcala. He appeals to Local Government Units to cooperate with the Central Office to mitigate this kind of activity.

Sec. Alcala also disclosed the progress of small fishpond farmers and fishermen which is part of the Aquasilvi Program of The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources.  Moreover, he also said that the Department of Agriculture is helping the IRRI preserve seeds for future use which is very much beneficial for the next generation.

He also asks for the continued support of the Filipinos for the success of the various programs and undertakings of the Department of Agriculture. (Calesterio, R.Q.)

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