DA-8 issues Memo prescribing precautionary measures versus COVID 19

Created on Tuesday, 17 March 2020 Published Date

Consistent with the Orders of Secretary William D. Dar, and Mayor Alfred S. Romualdez of Tacloban City prescribing general guidelines for unimpeded service in the midst of Covid 19 scare, the DA-Regional Field Office 8 has issued a parallel order to both Contract of Service and permanent employees, for the adoption of specific precautionary measures against Covid 19 disease.

Said initiative aims to guide and protect not only its own employees, but also the agency's day-to-day walk-in clients or visitors.

Top on the list is the compulsory Thermal Scanning and use of disenfectants for all those who enter the office premises; to transact official and personal business with the agriculture department.

Any person, whether employee or mere guest, having 37.8 degrees centigrade body temperature or higher will not be allowed entry, but instead be advised to seek medical attention.

Official meetings shall be limited to small number of groups/participants at least 20 and shall strictly adopt social distancing, movement restrictions, eating/taking nutritious foods, veggies and fruits, including biosecurity measures and the like.

The meeting which run for 2 days, was convened at the Rodolfo Hotel and subsequently at the Office of the RED. It was agreed during the session that nobody will be allowed entry to the office premises if his/her body temperature is 37.8 degrees centigrade or higher than this prescribed limit.

There were several other preventive measures drawn out by the ExeCom members which were anchored on the national and local directives of Secretary Dar. All these, were also in-synch with Malacañan directives of ensuring public safety, health and security of each and every Filipino.  (FRANCISCO C. ROSAROSO, RAFIS Chief)

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