Live interaction goes on thru video conferencing

Created on Monday, 30 March 2020 Published Date

Enhanced community quarantine, lockdown and social distancing - however you call it, are most common words we oftenly hear today due to COVID 19 that is wreaking havoc to people the world over.

Bottomline is we are all advised to limit physical interaction (as much as we can) to prevent person-to-person transmission of this deadly virus. It takes just a single, broad stroke directive from Malacañang to unbelievably change people's daily grind.

But come to think of it, despite all the chaos, this dreaded coronavirus, has not really stopped us from interacting with one another.

For instance, at DA, the use of modern communication technology, practically makes irrelevant the physical distance among regional executive directors and the top officials at the DA Central Office.

For the 3rd time, all the REDS together with DA top guns in the head office, are comfortably enjoying face-to-face meeting with same fervor and passion as if they are gathered in a secluded place or venue.

This time, it was Asec. Andrew Villacorta that presided over the videoconferencing with all the REDs intently deliberating major issues such as: foodlane accreditation on local food suppliers and truckers and the issuance of IDs to farm workers in the hope that movements of basic food will not be restricted, but instead continue to ensure food availability in every Filipino households.

So far, in Region 8, DA frontliners never stop performing their stuffs just to ensure the shipping or transporting of food to its destined users. Price stabilization and rehabilitation workplans were also discussed giving hope to everyone that "together we can do better".  (FRANCISCO C. ROSAROSO, Chief, RAFIS)


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