DA-8 Chief, AMAD never stop issuing food lane passes

Created on Monday, 30 March 2020 Published Date

The exigency of service always drive any civil servant to his/her toes. From the low-ranking to the highest official, when the exigency requires it, one should always be prepared to do his/her job.

Such is the case exemplified by all the AMAD Staff all over the country. The DA's Food Resiliency Protocols simply require them to be up and about amid the noise and haste caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

A quick glance on how they carry out their task may look so easy or simple. They need not be in the checkpoints nor watch over any relief distribution as other service-oriented agencies openly do, but their tasks and responsibility in this incredibly difficult times are as important as those on the frontline.

Ensuring that food and other agricultural commodities flow in and out smoothly without delay is the end-goal why food lane conduct pass is being issued. There's practically no need for the food suppliers and truckers to personally follow up their application as they can conveniently secure the downloadable forms thru the internet by accessing http://agribusiness.da.gov.ph.

However, after accomplishing those forms, interested applicants will still have to submit the filled up forms and wait for DA-AMAD to finally send the approved pass and stickers in pdf forms.

So far, as of yesterday (March 27) AMAD-8 Chief Ms Evelyn M. Mionda reported to RED Angel C. Enriquez that a cumulative total of 504 Food lane passes and stickers had already been approved and issued by DA-RFO 8.

Today, accreditation is still open. It has been this way for two week-ends now. All because of the exigency of service. And it simply follows that the RED being the only authorized person to sign these conduct passes, have no choice but be up and about just like what AMAD and other DA Staff as skeletal force are called to do.  (FRANCISCO C. ROSAROSO, Chief, RAFIS)

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