Retired but not tired… Boss Tiboy: From a research station manager to a full-time farmer

Created on Thursday, 07 May 2020 Published Date

Mr. Primitivo Llano or simply “Boss Tiboy” to his former officemates, has spent most of his 32 years at the Department of Agriculture (DA). He started off as a research staff in 1978 at the Salcedo Seed Farm and retired in 2007 as the Research Station Manager of San Jorge Experiment Station, San Jorge Samar .

As a former station manager, he was responsible for providing the vision, leadership, and oversight to ensure that the experiment station under his watch addresses the priority programs and thrusts of the agency in pursuance of the development agenda of whoever was the incumbent DA Secretary during his time.

Agriculture or food production essentially form part of his official and even his personal life. This is but quite natural since he was professionally well-equipped being a graduate of the University of Eastern Philippines (UEP) with the course Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education in 1971.

Boss Tiboy retired at the mandatory age of 65 after serving the DA for more than 3 decades. Since then, he ventured into farming and enjoy the life as a full-time farmer.

Apparently, agriculture is his great love and his retirement from the service proved to be a game changer for him and his family. Immediately, he focused his time in planting quality rice seeds in their family-owned farmland located near his residence in Brgy. Silang, Babatngon, Leyte. His years of experience as a researcher and transmitter of new farm technologies triggered him to engage into more serious agri-entrepreneurship.

As if the heavens agreeably favored his passion for farming, Boss Tiboy has been luckily identified as one of the 40 Farmer-proponents of the Community-based Participatory Action Research project.

As a former DA official, he was well-respected and people in the community look up to him as their teacher or mentor in so far as knowledge-sharing on new agricultural practices is concerned. In fact, he was once elected as Barangay Chairman for one term, but decided not to pursue his political career instead concentrated himself on farming.

The DA-RFO 8 Management under the auspices of RED Angel C. Enriquez, together with the Research Group under Assistant Regional Director Elvira C. Torres and Division Chief Engr. Leonarda Londina ably supported by CPAR Project Leader Rufelie Sotes Gula and BES Superintendent Emerita Filamor, continued to provide technical and logistical support to Boss Tiboy and the rest of CPAR Farmer-proponents.

Boos Tiboy, now reaching the octogenarian age, seemed to have stopped ageing. Still brimming with so much energy, he still very much active in implementing CPAR’s Rice-based+Ducks+Native Chicken and Vegetable Intensification and Diversification Project. Meaning, he still enjoys raising rice, high value crops, rootcrops, native chickens, ducks and fish.

And mind you, Boss Tiboy and his very supportive wife, Milagros, could easily generate an additional farm income of Php 50,000 to 60,000 a month from his combined farming ventures. A handsome additional income for a pensioner like Boss Tiboy.
In more ways than one, Boss Tiboy has opened the path for other retirees to also engage into farming and take advantage of new farm technologies that the DA is intensively advocating under the “New Normal.”

Who knows, one day soon you will also retire from your current employment, and be like Boss Tiboy, retired but definitely not tired. ### (Francis C. Rosaroso, Chief, RAFIS)


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