The key to farmer's success

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If you will recall, just last month I posted the story of a 40-year old farmer from Brgy. Bulod, Sta. Fe, Leyte who was generous enough to spare at least 20 free packs of his farm produce everyweek for his neighbors. He had done this, since the onslaught of Covid-19 pandemic which started in March, this year.

He is none other than Vince Alvin Portugal, a 3-time consistent topnotcher farmer-alumnus of DA-RAFIS 8's University-on-the-Air broadcast courses back in 2007-2008.

Yesterday, after a few atrempts to pay him a visit I was privileged enough to join our HVCDP Regional Coordinator Mr. Romeo G. Delmo in going to his farm whc is more than 20 kms away from Tacloban. Our main purpose is to see for ourselves what his farm looks like, and to assess what other assistance the DA can offer since Alvin has been calling out our agency for any help possible.

Finally, at around 3pm on May 5, we were able to set foot on his 1.5 hectare vegetable farm. After some preliminary greetings and a quick mid-afternoon snacks, Alvin toured us around to see those standing crops composed mostly of Lettuce, cauliflower, pole beans, eggplants, corn, squash, corn, pepper and a lot more.

Of course, as DA technical staff, we were overwhelmed by what we saw, but with all humility, Alvin sounds even apologetic saying "pasensya na, amo la ine iton akon kaya yana". (Sorry this is all what I got for now).

Amazed of what we have observed, we asked him to oblige us with a brief interview. Jointly, Mr. Delmo and I, queried and dissected lots of inspiring lessons from this fine young man. We started asking his personal background, and shall we say, his "trade secrets" on how he was able to establish such an astounding vegetable farm.

"Actually, I just pursue the passion which I probably inherited from my parents who are both farmers," he discloses. Accordingly, whenever he is asked when did he start farming, "his curt reply is: since birth!"

While replying to our every query, we can sense his candidness and sincerity, though he interpersed his reponses with chuckles, we know that he meant every single word that he utters.

What we admire in him is his strong passion to help others, especially the small farmers. In fact, during the interview he shared his viewpoints and advices for the farmer-beginners. And this is what he told us:

"I wish that any one who would like to engage in farming must first, think it over and over and over before plunging himself into this vocation," he said.

He stressed that aside from seriously having a good plan, one should examine himself or herself if they possessed the 3D Pillars, and this are: Dedication, Desire, and Discipline.

Dedication is simply choosing what your goals are and what you want to achieve. Desire is to pursue your passion and what you love to do. And most importantly, Discipline. This is about one's innate character and determination to listen and follow what is the calls of time.

Alvin categorically said that if one has these qualities, everything else will follow.

No wonder that this guy who had finished courses in Philosophy and Engineering, is getting ahead of his flock. What's more interesting is the joy and fulfillment he got when helping others.

Right now, Alvin employs 8 farm workers and each of them receive due compensation of PhP250 per day, aside from extra incentives whenever Alvin attains abundant harvest from his farm produce.

Also, Alvin did not fail to acknowdge the help of DA especially SAAD program that provided them with a multicultivator machine. He also recognized his key partners, the Velasco Family who allowed him the use of their farmlot and funding support.

Perhaps because of his gratefulness and the right attitude, this generous farmer steadily rises from anonimity to local fame or popularity that he enjoys right now.

Indeed, his love and passion for farming has giving him due dividends. A humble farmer with a golden heart, that everyone should emulate. ### (Francis C. Rosaroso, Chief, RAFIS)


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