Palayunan Unlad Farmers Association (PUFA): Youth Empowerment

Created on Friday, 10 September 2021 Published Date
The Palayunan Unlad Farmers Association (PUFA) is based in Brgy. Cabatianuhan, San Miguel, Leyte. It is a farmers’ association duly registered with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) on May 5, 2020. From its 22 members, 6 of whom are male and 16, female, majority belong to the youth sector, with 15 of them currently enrolled as college students and four (4) are academic scholars.
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A beneficiary of the 2021 Mallard Duck Production Project, PUFA was provided with 660 heads (600 ducks and 60 drakes), feeds, and farm tools. Presently, the association already purchased 15 heads mallard duck as replacement for mortalities due sickness.
The production area of the association is located at the barangay outskirts, easily accessible to the members in their egg collection, and cleansing of the area is far more convenient. The members, grouped into seven for each group, are tasked to maintain good animal health practices and management in order to have high production of eggs.
In the first two (2) months of operation, the association produced a total of 12,513 pc. eggs from June 22–August 10, 2021, which were sold for PhP75,078.00. Presently, the association has a savings account with OCCCI, having a balance of PhP40,643.00. Cash on hand is PhP10,435.00, and various expenses amounted to PhP24,000.00.
With the increasing number of eggs produced per day, SAAD PPMSO–Leyte team provided one (1) unit incubator in preparation for PUFA’s plan to increase the population of its mallard ducks and also for its balut production. As of press time, the association initially started to incubate a total of 214 pc. eggs and it is already on its 11th day.
Moreover, the association is busy with land preparation on a parcel of land adjacent to the production area for its vegetable production as additional source of income.
The association is grateful to have been a beneficiary of SAAD Program because it is its first–ever project received from the government. “Nagpapasalamat gud kami hine nga project nga guinhatag han DA–SAAD Program. Kun dati nakatambay la kami ha balay ngan an mga estudyante nag–iinukoy la ngan sige la it cellphone pag–Facebook ngan mulay hin ML (Mobile Legends), ha pagkayana it amon adlaw nagiging productive na ngan nakakawara pa hin problema kun na–duty kami kay nakakatawa–tawa. Baga la kami hin magbabarkada nganhi ha asosasyon,” a youth member quipped. (We thank SAAD Program for giving us this project. Where it used to be that we merely stayed at home and students were idle, browsing through their cellphones @Facebook and playing ML, now our day has become productive. Our problems are somehow banished because when we render duty, there is time to laugh and we are like buddies here.) by Floriel A. Royo, Area Coordinator II, PPMSO–Leyte
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