Hybrid rice: a game changer in developing Leyte's rice farming industry

Created on Thursday, 09 December 2021 Published Date

Through the years, our government has been implementing programs and projects to bolster the rice farming industry and transform Philippine agriculture into one that is sustainable, bountiful, and income generating, while at the same time our farmers enjoy the fruits of their hard work and beam with pride for being called as “food heroes”. Of course, this dream would not be materialized without the appropriate and genuine support from all stakeholders, including our policy-makers, and without the required change in the mindset of our farmers, especially on the farming technologies being used, and the adoption of quality farm inputs, such as seeds.

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Despite the government’s effort to promote good farming practices using quality seeds, our farmers have been sticking to conventional or traditional ways of farming, as if contented with mediocre quantity and quality of produce. This kind of mindset, however, can be traced back to the socio-cultural aspects native to the communities they belong.
In this modern world, our ways in agriculture must be up to date, so that our key players, our farmers, will be able to keep up with the fast-changing pace. In this day and age, where modernization in agriculture is intensively advocated, problems in our farming requires modern and efficient solution. Problems, such as climate change and pest infestations are two of the main culprits of the seemingly unstable rice farming industry; and choosing hybrid seeds in rice production is one of the solutions.
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