Pancrasio E. Cascas: “In farming, age is just a number”

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Who says in being old one becomes weak and dull? Change the mindset of this fine, elderly man, 72 year–old Pancrasio E. Cascas, also known as Tatay Lolong. At an early age, he started helping his father till their land. Being a member of the United Farmers Association of Pangi (UFAP) in Libagon, Southern Leyte, he agreed to utilize the parcel of his inherited land for UFAP’s project with DA–SAAD Program. If the area where the hogstel will be built is the only factor so the association can avail of the Swine Fattening Project, it did not make him think twice to sign the usufruct agreement allowing UFAP to use the land. For him, it is just but proper to maximize the offer of the government than losing the opportunity.

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A widower, Tatay Lolong has only one son, an engineer who is currently working in Manila. His son advised him to rest and retire from farming as the former can already provide for his Tatay’s daily needs; but Tatay Lolong is a hardworking man, he didn’t rely completely on his son’s offer. According to him, as long as he is still healthy and able, he will never get tired of working on his small area.
Tatay Lolong is not an ordinary farmer. He loves to enhance his knowledge and expand this technical knowhow in terms of agricultural advancement. He attended several trainings sponsored by TESDA and ATI. To name a few: Competency Assessment, Financial Management Training, Jackfruit Production and Duck Raising Training. He also participated in a Training on Bangus Production sponsored by LGU Libagon, and the Swine Fattening Training conducted by SAAD PPMSO–Southern Leyte in 2018.
One striking value that stood out in him is when he said during an interview, “Never depend on others, we are only responsible for our own selves. It is one’s choice to be lazy and complacent, but it is not the obligation of others to feed you because of your laziness.” Indeed, his produce can already support his requirements, but still he wanted his small farm production of coconuts, nipa, cassava, bananas, and farm animals to flourish for his own satisfaction.
Indeed, farming is not only for the young and strong. It is for everyone who has the passion to till the land with love and dedication. For Tatay Lolong, age doesn’t really matter since for him, farming has been a way of life since childhood. As long as one is happy in sharing his/her inherent talents and resources, this attitude will always come easy.

Report from Jocelyn A. Cabañas, Provincial Coordinator, PPMSO–Southern Leyte

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