PRDP PWS project soon to benefit 13 barangays in Hilongos

Created on Sunday, 20 March 2022 Published Date
"Hintay lang, malapit na," Mayor Albert Villahermoso expressed assurance to the community members of the 13 covered barangays of the proposed Hilongos Barangay Water System.
In a joint inspection conducted recently, representatives from PSO, RPCO 8 and LGU Hilongos monitored the ongoing construction of the potable water system. They have successfully performed the leak test to check whether the pipes can sustain the pressure introduced.
Some barangay officials were also present and participated in the said activity. Hon. Jose Gaudelito Velmonte, Chairman of Brgy.Tambis shared that they were very happy when the construction started because finally, they will be enjoying potable water service after years of enduring the challenges in maintaining the level 1 water system. “Every year, we are having difficulties in repairing the communal jetmatic pumps. Aside from that, not all units were safe for drinking, therefore, some families need to scout other units/pumps that has clean water,” he shared.
Most of the barangays are using the level 1 water system, also known as the jetmatic pump. About three to five households share one unit. “Per experience here in our town, the water is not potable anymore. There is scarcity in water table due to deflated natural resources, so the best way we can do is to develop a source which we have now then distribute it to the 13 barangays initially, through the help of the DA Philippine Rural Development Project. We are hoping that in the future we can expand this to the other barangays,” Mayor Villahermoso said.
He added that the construction is on schedule. This indicates that this can be completed and turned over within this year.
“This excites us because this will also be a big help in our livelihood. That is why, everybody cooperated well especially those households who owns the areas where the tap stands will be placed,” Hon. Velmonte added.
The 13 serviceable barangays of the Hilongos Barangay Water System includes: Baas, Bung-aw, Campina, Concepcion, Imelda, Kanghaas, Kang-iras, Manaul, Paa, Tabunok, Tambis, Tejero, and Sto. Niño.
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