DA 8 ranks number 8 in 2022 performance evaluation

Created on Wednesday, 15 February 2023 Published Date

In the recently concluded National Management Committee Meeting of the Department of Agriculture, DA RFO 8 ranked 8th place in the overall 2022 performance rankings for both its physical, financial, and operational accomplishments. The agency garnered an 80.72% rating for its performance, worthy of an “Outstanding” remark. DA RFO 8 jumped one place higher from its rank 9 placement in 2021.

DA Regional Executive Director Angel Enriquez extends her utmost appreciation to the DA RFO 8 community for all their support and service to incessantly improve the agency performance in spite of the challenges that came along the way. This is a testament to DA RFO 8’s continued commitment to further develop and cultivate the agriculture sector in the region.

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