Ramil A. Pederio: The Hardworking Swine Farmer

Created on Saturday, 23 March 2019 Published Date

In the remote islet barangay of Buenavista, in Rosario town, Northern Samar, resides a farmer whose personality inspires those whom he meets because of his positive outlook and determination to succeed. Despite the hardships of everyday life, he remains bubbly and optimistic that the assistance provided by SAAD Program to his family will continue to prosper.

The milieu where Ramil A. Pederio, 41, and his family of five dwell, can be reached by a 20-minute banca ride from the town proper of Rosario, through waterways bounded by mangroves and sparse coconut trees. Typical of a rustic area, life can be characterized as laid back and unhurried; and from dawn to dusk, people are mainly concerned with survival.

For the past 18 years, Ramil has been cultivating same 1-hectare rice field as tenant-farmer, but he also indulges in fishing as an avocation. He is a part-time laborer earning PhP250.00/day for construction/carpentry works. He said he must double his efforts to prepare for the needs of his eldest son who would soon be in college.

Ramil is a member of the Buenavista Farmers Association (BFA), which is DOLE-registered. He is not as actively involved in the group, much as he would like to, because of his various pre-occupations. He is constantly on the lookout for endeavors that would earn for him additional income.

Hence, he considered it a windfall that he was selected as one of five (5) beneficiaries of the Swine Fattening Project, which was granted by SAAD Program to Brgy. Buenavista. As with other project recipients, at first, he was hesitant to engage in the project because of his apprehension that should it fail, or if the hogs suddenly expire, he would be required to pay for the intervention costs. But he was prevailed upon by the MLGU staff, to which he relented.

On December 6, 2017, Ramil received 3 heads swine, 4.5 sacks started feeds, 6 sacks grower seeds, and 2 sacks finisher feeds. Upon maturity, he sold the pigs, earning PhP17,000.00 in the process. From the proceeds, he bought 3 more heads swine and sold them for the 2nd phase. From the income he derived, he purchased a carabao weanling for PhP12,000.00, which in time he plans to use in the rice farm.

During our most recent monitoring visit, he was again raising 3 piglets for fattening. As to the feeds, additional eight sacks of supplementary feeds arrived in August 2018. According to him, these are more than enough to sustain the growth of the pigs until they are ready for the market.

As parting message, he quipped, “An akon la kay pararehas man kami nga yaon guintagan san panginabuhi san SAAD, paabot ko sa ira nga pahalagahan man nira an mga guinhatag sa ira, ngan diri nira sin sayangon la kay dako dako nga bulig ini sa suga sa amu nga mga wara. Kun puydi la, ma-iro ba nira ako nga nakabalyo na ak sin karabaw, tapos nakabulig sa ako sa pagpaeskuyla, tapos sa amon pamilya.”  (In my opinion, because we were equally given livelihood by SAAD Program, I would like to convey to other recipients that they should value what were given them, and they should not squander [the opportunity] as it is a very big help to us who do not have much. If possible, they should consider me as example because I was already able to buy a carabao that helped in financing the schooling of my children, and for our family.)  (MICHAEL F. DABUET, SAAD Staff, FRANCISCO C. ROSAROSO, Chief, RAFIS)

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