Racing against time

Created on Monday, 01 July 2019 Published Date

The late approval and release of the FY 2019 GAA has, to a certain extent, caused a setback to project implementation of SAAD Program.  This supposition holds true not only for this specific program but, in all likelihood, DA regular programs and that of other government agencies as well.  Operating on a reenacted budget up to mid–April 2019 slowed down the disbursement of funds, resulting in delayed deliveries of commodities, supplies, and equipment.  Likewise, our planned activities, such as trainings/meetings, were moved forward, causing timetables to be adjusted.

With the eventual downloading of funds to the regional office towards the end of April 2019, there was renewed energy and a sense of urgency to deliver planned interventions.  Farmer-beneficiaries who had been anticipating the promised commodities finally received their allocation and were able to subsequently engage in their respective livelihood undertakings.  Capability enhancement activities and important meetings have been carried out since then.

As of May 17, 2019, most of the programmed interventions had either been fully or partially delivered.  These include corn and vegetable seeds, farm machineries and equipment, farm and office supplies and equipment.  Also, production trainings on rice, corn, vegetable, cassava, and pineapple (in preparation for the delivery of 160,000 pineapple suckers) had been completed.  At the RPMSO level, the FY 2019 SAAD Program Implementation and Updating Meeting, Harmonizing Meeting, and Provincial Assessments had already been conducted.  Project monitoring activities were initiated to gather updated data/information about the status of project implementation at the grassroots level.

So, it is a race against time to deliver the needed goods and services.  Choosing to engage in activities that are happening outside their realm of comfort, all staff have been mobilized in the hope of fast-tracking everything, from procurement, germination test for all seeds by the NSQCS, FDA particle testing for fertilizers, pre-inspection for animals, post-inspection for all machinery/equipment, delivery, and distribution to effect the timely provision of interventions to identified farmer-recipients.

SAAD Program believes it has the power to help transform the local agricultural industry by knocking down barriers, chiefly, poverty and ignorance, for previously relegated groups – the marginalized farmers and fisherfolk.  Time is of the essence.  (MICHAEL F. DABUET, SAAD Staff, FRANCISCO C. ROSAROSO, Chief, RAFIS)


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