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Nothing beats a mother’s motivation than her family’s welfare.  It is of paramount importance that the basic needs of her family, such as food, clothing, shelter, and education of the children, are met, even if it means sacrificing some of her comforts.  It is a joy to behold the children grow up happy, well-nourished, and healthy because they are well-provided and cared for.

It is this drive that propelled a loving mother to venture into backyard swine production that was granted to her and other beneficiaries by SAAD Program in rustic Brgy. Nagaja, Hernani, Eastern Samar.  Since May 2018, when the gilt was delivered to her, she has ascertained the proper balance between gripping poverty and prosperity, and has chosen to embark on the latter route.

Riza Caliba, 32, engages on almost all money-making ventures she could get her hands on to support her three elementary school-age children.  She vends kakanin (snack items/viands) at the nearby community high school, provides manicure/pedicure services to friends and local customers, grows cucumber in her backyard garden and sells them to neighbors and friends, and being a member of DSWD’s 4Ps Program, she receives a subsidy of PhP2,800.00 and a cavan of rice every two months.  Her husband is an occasional laborer/construction worker earning PhP400.00/day, when employed.

Such is her gratitude to SAAD Program that she was chosen from among the long list of prospective beneficiaries in her locality that she gets emotional whenever she expresses her appreciation for this opportunity, which put food on their table, sent her children to school, and afforded her family some appurtenances of privileged living.

The assistance in the form of a gilt and feeds–grower, gestating, and lactating, were delivered to her in May 2018.  For the 1st production cycle, the sow delivered 14 piglets on December 21, 2018, but one died.  Eight of the progenies were sold and five were retained for fattening.  The net income she earned from sales amounted to PhP27,000.00.

The same sow was naturally inseminated on January 27, 2019 when it showed signs of estrus.  It again delivered 18 piglets, of which one was given to the boar owner and another was rolled over to a next-in-line beneficiary, as agreed upon by the project beneficiaries.  From amongst the 16 remaining piglets, nine were sold for a total of PhP27,000.00, while seven were fattened and will be sold when they reach maturity.  At the time of the monitoring visit, the original sow was again conceiving.

Having undergone a 3-day Training on Swine Production conducted by a Pigrolac technician, she is confident that the appropriate technologies on swine management she learned will see her through until she will have established a viable commercial enterprise.  She recently attended an Entrepreneurial Training sponsored by Plan International in Maasin City, and as outcome of that training, she has decided to put up a store in front of her house selling livestock feeds.  According to her, this will benefit her fellow recipients as the latter will no longer go to the town proper just to purchase feeds.

From proceeds of her sales, she was able to repair the façade of her house, which was destroyed by Typhoon Yolanda.  An awning is now visible at the front where she plans to construct a small feeds store.  She was also able to build an extension to her pigpen to accommodate her growing hog population. In the house can be seen some accoutrements, such as a brand new sala set, divider, etc., proof that the intervention has already created an impact, however minor it may seem, in the Caliba family.  Next, she plans to make a major renovation of her kitchen.

At the time of monitoring, there was a feeling of hope and anticipation of good things to come.  The husband now helps in the upkeep of sanitation and construction/ repair of the pigpens.  The children are assured of a bright future as things presently stand.  While Riza continues with her various enterprising ventures, she is guaranteed of a steady and sustainable income.  From a docile housewife, she has slowly metamorphosed into an enterprising, empowered woman, whose determination to succeed is worth emulating.

SAAD Program continuously advocates for sociocultural and economically sensitive interventions that promote poverty alleviation, entrepreneurship, growth and development, especially in communities that fall far beyond the radar of the national government.  (MICHAEL F. DABUET, SAAD Staff, FRANCISCO C. ROSAROSO, Chief, RAFIS)


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