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Eastern Visayas Integrated Agricultural Research Center (EVIARC) is the research arm of the Department of Agriculture Regional Field Unit 8 under Dir. Wilson A. Cerbito, Regional Technical Director for Research and Regulations. EVIARC leads in the overall formulation and development of the department’s integrated R&D agenda for agriculture and fisheries as basis for planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and networking. In coordination with the Regional RDE Extension Network for Agriculture and Fisheries (RRDEN-A/F)) and Visayas Zonal Agriculture Fisheries R&D Cluster (VZAFRDC), these functions are facilitated.

Presently, EVIARC has TWELVE (12) implementing units, namely:

  1. Research Division at Dept. of Agriculture Regional office No. 8
  2. Main RIARC, Babatngon, Leyte
  3. RIARC Satellite Stations (3): RIARCs-San Jorge, Abuyog, and San Miguel
  4. Technologically Advanced Agribusiness Demonstration Stations(7): TAADS-Malibog, Gandara, Sogod, Catubig, Salcedo-Crops, Salcedo-Livestock and Pambujan


Technologically-advanced farmers working towards sustainable, self-sufficient and competitive crops and livestock industries in the region.


Operationalize and institutionalize a research and development network effectively responding to the technological needs for agricultural development in Eastern Visayas region.


To serve as effective instrument in consolidating and strengthening the regional agricultural research and development system; generate, adapt, and popularize agricultural production and processing technologies; and provide agricultural knowledge product and services for the upliftment of the productivity and profitability of farmers and processors in Eastern Visayas.


• As Regional R&D Center

  1. Orchestrate the formulation and development of a regional integrated R&D agenda and program for agriculture;
  2. Formulate and implement a human resource development plan for the regional RDE network;
  3. Develop and implement a network-wide station development plan;
  4. Operationalize a regional integrated laboratory services for agriculture; and
  5. Establish and operationalize a regional agricultural R&D Information network/system. 

• As Zonal R&D Center

As zonal R&D center for agriculture and fisheries in the Visayas, the EVIARC responsibly promotes collaborative projects and resources sharing through effective communication, networking, and liaison with other agricultural research centers. Moreover, it gives particular attention in complementing initiatives and resources by setting-up mechanisms for the implementation of the Regional Integrated RDE Agenda and Program (RIRDEAP), as lead agency of RRDEN-A/F, and in constant collaboration with the 24 member-agencies of the network composed of state colleges and universities, local government units, and concerned government agencies.

Dr. Elvira C. Torres, EVIARC Manager/Chief, Research Division provides able leadership and guidance in seeing to it that the division’s objectives are met. Eleven (11) core staff that comprises the division’s organizational set-up is assigned to the following units:

Regional Research Agenda Integration, Monitoring and Documentation Unit. The unit orchestrates and provides leadership in the planning, implementation, and coordination of the regional research and development/extension system for agriculture in the region. Also, it is tasked to integrate and package information generated from agricultural R&D as an empirical result which can be recommended for adoption by farmers in the region, and which can be a basis in the production of IEC Materials for multi-media advocacy.

Research Networking and Collaborative Projects Unit. Spearheading the planning of research programs/projects of the network, the unit serves as its central coordinating unit, and strengthens linkages with the SCUs, LGUs, and other collaborating institutions at the local and national levels. Aside from this function, the unit facilitates/coordinates the operationalization of the Regional Research and Development/Extension Network for Agriculture & Fisheries (RRDEN-A/F) on activities such as the conduct of project reviews and meetings.

On-farm Research and Technology Commercialization Coordination Unit. The unit coordinates in the formulation and development of RIRDEAP, specifically on socio-economics. Moreover, it evaluates the results of agribusiness technology demonstration projects, and identifies technology gaps and constraints for modification. It also spearheads the conduct of CPAR projects in Region 8.

To operationalize its various concerns, the Research Division oversees the different stations under its helm. Each station functions complementarily with other components to achieve the purpose/s of the entire division, while focusing on a particular commodity, such as livestock, rice, fruitcrops, corn, and other cereals.     

Regional Integrated Agricultural Research Centers (RIARCs)

Technologically Advanced Agribusiness Demonstration Stations (TAADS)


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